The Inventarisation and Overcoming of Learning Difficulties in Rwandese Schoolchildren. 





In 2014 Caroline traveled to Rwanda for an external project and got to get to know prof. Luk Cannoodt. Prof. Cannoodt runs his own ngo in Rwanda: Umubano-Impore. Umunano-Impore supports the realization of the Millennium goals in Rwanda, thereby focusing on some of the most vulnerable groups of people in Rwanda. Children, especially children from poor families or multi problem families are one of these groups. 


After setting up Umwana vzw, Caroline got back in touch with prof. Cannoodt. Together they thought about whether and where Umwana could be of value within the range of work done to support the realization of Millennium goals in Rwanda. Over time, one group of children stood out in their conversations, namely children with learning difficulties. Prof. Cannoodt spoke of a school within the district he lives, where there are children who can't write while in their last year of primary education. He spoke of children dropping out of school at a very young age, due to difficulties obtaining the necessary school knowledge and skills. He also spoke passionately about the enormous motivation of the school director and teachers in wanting to support these children, but also of the challenges and questions they met when trying to do so. 


Because of Umwana's focus on children and on psychological well-being, counseling and support on the one hand, and Umunano-Impore's focus on children and vulnerable groups on the other hand, a collaboration between the two organizations seemed wonderfully useful and, shortly after, was decided upon. 



Our project today


U.in.school is a project we carry out to promote the well-being of students of the Cyendajuru Primary School. In a first two-year phase, the project focused on inventory of a broad scope of learning difficulties that students in the school experience, as well as an inventory of their possible causes and what is already been done to support affected students (2015 - 2017). Having landed now in the second project phase, we are working closely together with teachers and Umubano-Impore to think about, develop and help implement adequate measures to assist children with learning difficulties. Thereby we hope not only to support these children's learning processes, but broader play into their well-being, a reduction of school drop-out and the promotion of a stimulating, rich educational environment for children and teachers. 


Project responsible 

Since 2018, Margot (Doclo) took over from Caroline and became coordinator of the U.in.school project. 

Contact Margot via umwanaschool@gmail.com



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