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Support us by becoming a member of Umwana vzw

Becoming a member of Umwana vzw is simple!


First you let us know that you want to become a member, because you believe in us, want to support us, like our projects, feel like doing a good deed, are in a exceptionaly good mood... You can tell us via the contact form in the 'ABOUT' section.


Then we send you many thanks, accompanied by our bank account number in which we will ask you to deposit 25 euro to complete your membership. 25 euro covers a one year Umwana membership. 


We want to give our members something in return for their support, so please leave us your e-mail address so we can send you our newsletter with photos, events, offers, project information... and keep you up to date about everything we are doing!

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Facebook is the place to be for all our quick updates, the thoughts we have and the interesting articles we bump into on the internet! 

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You would like some pictures to go with that? Our Instagram account is called 'umwanavzw'. 


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The one and only Umwana key chain

Support Umwana by buying this handmade-in-Malawi wooden key chain and carry us with you wherever you go! The key chain costs 3 euros for non-Umwana members and can easily be sent to you by post! Order via pm on this website!

Surprise us

We just love love love surprises. Who doesn't, huh?


Spontaneous gifts are most welcome at BE69 0017 3113 7778


Psssshhtt... We celebrate our birthday on the 24th of June... Just saying...

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