The little projects we do at home in order to make a big difference elsewhere. 


Umwana vzw has several little, creative and fun sideprojects to enable us to do the work we want to do abroad. These small ideas we carry out in everyday life at home, help us realise the big dreams we have for the children in developing countries. and Music for Life is one of our temporary projects at home. With we sell different kinds of tea that instantly call for wintery cosiness. By selling tea we want to slow you down for a brief moment, to create some peace in your lives to think about Umwana and our goal. In this meaningful moment with, for example, your cup of vanilla-cinnamon infusion, spicy chai or pomme-granate tea think about psychological well-being, for you and for others. The psychological well-being we aim to stimulate and support in children in developing countries, who face many different challenges in every day life. yearly takes places within the framework of Music for Life.




 was the name of our exciting column published from September '14 to June 2015. The column talked about topics concerning child mental health in developing countries and was published in the weekly magazine for psychology students, published by the 'Psychologische kring Leuven'. 

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