Projects Trauma Training for Healthcare Workers in Malawi

Our project in Malawi focuses on co-creating appropriate knowledge on psycho trauma in children, adolescents and their families. 


Bringing together Belgian and Malawian healthcare workers, we develop and disseminate trauma training programs, with a strong focus on family systems and strengths-based care. 


Read more? Go to our project page! The Inventarisation and Overcoming of Learning Diffculties in Rwanda aims to promote the well-being of students of the Cyendajuru Primary School (district Huye, Rwanda) by tackling learning difficulties. It is a project set out in collaboration with Umubano-Impore ngo and the school itself. 


In a first phase, the project focused on inventory of a broad scope of learning difficulties that children experience. In a second phase, now running, we collaborate with teachers to find ways to best support these children and promote their well-being in school context, their development and academic results. 


Read more? Go to our project page! 

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